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June 16, 2008

Forefront and .zip files

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Our Goal was to block most inbound .ZIP files, allow all outbound .zip attachments and prevent Forefront from stripping these allowed attachments during the daily manual scan.

These are the steps we followed to accomplish this.

This can all be done from the management server

Open Forefront Server Security Administrator;

Click on Filtering;File

We deleted *.zip from the “Default Filter Set (Filter set Template)

We added *.Zip to the “Transport Scan Job”

looks similar to this


Then click on Filtering/Filter Lists/Allowed senders

Add a new allowed group; save then click on Edit; add the allowed domains or users

Click on Filtering/Allowed Senders; Click on Transport Scan Job; You should see your group created in the Senders list.

You now Enable in the List State; and check Skip Scanning for “File Filtering”

test and you should have success.



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