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June 13, 2008

EBS Certificates to upgrade Mobile devices

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We have found that the when inserting the EBS certificates into a outlook html email, even though it will be blocked on the outlook client, the mobile phone will see them.

This therefore allows for a detailed instructional email to be sent to the users and for them to seamlessly upgrade the phones without having to get the certificates manually imported to their device.





EBS saves the day

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The Five Towns Area in L.I had a power failure this past Wednesday .

Our client in the TAP program has a robust battery power backup system in place, we were notified via email as soon as they lost power, and we managed to shutdown all non crucial servers to save the runtime.

In EBS you can setup failover DHCP which we had implemented, we shutdown management and 1 TS server, and all servers that do not run LOB,  We feel that the granular control we have over the domain will show its benefits many times over during the life cycle of this release.


Restrict Outlook over HTTP

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A nice tip, to ensure added security if a laptop is lost/stolen on non BitLocker enabled laptop

In AD Create two new security group “Outlook over HTTP” & “Blocked Outlook over Http”;

add all users except for the allowed users to the restricted group, add the allowed users to the “Outlook over Http” group

2 items will now be set on TMG & on Messaging

Watch the power of EBS, using one centralized location.

From Administration console; Computers and Devices.

            Right click on the Messaging server

            connect to computer

            Browse to C:\Windows\System32\RpcProxy

            Right click on RpcProxy.dll; properties; security

            Add the “Blocked Outlook over Http” group and set this to deny all.

            Restart exchange services.

From Administration console; Computers and Devices.

          In the Security tab

            Right click “Network firewall” “Start Forefront Threat console”

            Modify the “Allow Internet Access to All User” to ensure both groups are added

Should be all set.


First Post; Our blog focuses on Windows Essential Business Server 2008

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Windows Essential Business Server 2008 is an all-in-one integrated multi-server solution designed and priced specifically for midsize businesses. Windows Essential Business Server provides the essential technology needed for a highly secure and reliable infrastructure.

Powered by Windows Server 2008 technology, it combines software for management, messaging, and security features into one integrated server solution that is designed to dramatically reduce IT complexity and improve efficiency across the business, putting IT in control.

Windows Essential Business Server is an integrated and predictable platform designed to transform businesses by helping save time and money and significantly increase productivity.

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